Hunter in the Woods

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Find it hard to talk about your sexual desires? is a simple real time game to help you and a partner communicate your sexual desires in a fun and safe way.

All you need to play is a browser on your phone, tablet or computer. No account needed.


Privacy first has been designed and built to ensure we don't know who you are and therefore no one else will either.

Sexual preference agnostic

Currently supporting gay, straight and lesbian pairings.

Positive reinforcement

The game will share positive matches on activities only, ensuring that anything your not comfortable sharing stays private.

Sexy 8-bit artwork

All graphics on is for light hearted enhancement of the experience, without being too icky.

Play how you like

The intensity of the questions starts off very timid, growing in strength the more you play. However, you can end the game whenever you like so you call the shots.


There are over 140 questions semi-randomly pulled in for every game which should ensure that few games will ever be the same.

Meaningful life experience

Hopefully by using, you will discover new areas of your relationship to explore together!

Made with since 2015