Hunter in the Woods


HUNTER IN THE WOODS is one man, William Tonkin-Howe.

The HUNTER IN THE WOODS name is derived from a recurring dream I have had since I was a boy, where I'm hunting in the snow by myself. Breath loud in my ears and hanging in the air. Snow crunching underfoot. I'm hungry, but happy that I have found my prey. Red blood stains the bright white snow and I struggle towards my survival.

I have a long history of working in the web industry, from Programmer to Technical Director and have helped to create many beautiful things for other people over my career. Now I'm starting to finish my own things and actually releasing them…

I am passionate about learning, life, programming, software, technology, the future, problem solving, UX/UI, being happy and music - I've been djing for fun for over 18 years and you can check out some of my mixes here: Mixcloud.


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